In this page you'll find a mixture of links, papers, images and videos from various stuff I did over the years.

Computer Vision Researcher at Toshiba - Publications from my group - Selected publication:
  • Human Body Shape Estimation Using a Multi-Resolution Manifold Forest; CVPR2014: pdf, mp4, poster
  • Homogeneous Superpixels from Random Walks; MVA2011 - best paper award: project page, pdf, wmv
  • Random Forest Clustering And Application to Video Segmentation; BMVC2009 pdf, Clustering result: svg, svgz
  • Correlated Probabilistic Trajectories for Pedestrian Motion Detection; ICCV2009 pdf, mpg
  • Graphics R&D at Solidworks:
  • Improving Solidworks real-time graphics, checkout some images coming from this gallery
  • About Realview and Photoworks - pdf
  • Computer Game programmer at NinjaTheory:
  • One of the many trailers you can find on the web. Among other stuff, I did the hair and cloth and ported them on the PS3 SPU.
  • Real-time cloud, but they never made it into the game as it turned out to be too greedy with the fill-rate... Here are two sneaky previews of what it could have been cloud0.avi and cloud1.avi.
  • Phd at Evasion, INRIA:
  • Thesis in french. Here's the pdf.
  • Dynamic Graph: I'd like to revisit this one one day... Maybe a multi-resolution shoot-them-up? Checkout the video
  • Animating Prairies in Real-Time: the code is obsolete but I think the idea still hold
  • Old web page